Epic Prestige Classes

A listing of 2CGaming Epic Prestige Classes will be available here.

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Each Epic prestige class acts as an Epic level “capstone” to a corresponding 5th Edition core class. Consisting of ten class levels, an Epic prestige class is designed to transition a non-Epic, 20th-level character into a champion of Epic power upon gaining their first Epic level. Epic prestige classes offer a huge selection of options to choose from. Some of these are obvious and easy to use while others are ferociously complex, requiring a mastery of both Epic and non-Epic play. This diversity makes each Epic character unique and rewards your expertise with the system as you discover new character builds and feature synergies.

Epic prestige classes can be found in this section, currently including: each of the 5th Edition non-Epic core classes, the Artificer, and 2CGaming's custom classes.