Ashran's Arcane Absorption

Ashran’s Arcane Absorption

Tier 1 Epic abjuration

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a preserved globule of a black pudding in a glass sphere)
Duration: 1 minute

Invented by the tiefling ascendant Ashran Firebrand to protect himself against magical assassination attempts from his fiendish father, this spell negates and absorbs non-Epic magic and repurposes it for the caster’s personal use. When you cast this spell, you are encased in a sheath of antimagic specially designed to negate enemy spells. While so encased, as a reaction, when you would be affected by a non-Epic spell you may absorb the spell and gain its magic. The absorbed spell’s effect against you is prevented and any spells with a duration you absorb immediately end. Immediately after you absorb a spell, you generate a temporary spell slot of a level one lower than the level of spell you just absorbed (minimum of 1st level; absorbing cantrips does not generate spell slots), which can be used to cast spells as though it were one of your class’s spell slots. These temporary spell slots last for the duration and are lost when absorption ends. Using this spell, you may absorb up to 10 total spell levels over its duration. If you would attempt to absorb the effects of a spell that would put you over this maximum, the spell’s effect is prevented, and absorption immediately ends.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell as a tier 2 Epic spell or higher, you can absorb 5 additional levels of spells for each tier beyond tier 1.

Ref: ELCR p91