Amulet Of Ooze Riding

Amulet of Ooze Riding

Amulet, legendary (requires attunement)

Once attuned to this amulet, whenever you would come into contact with an ooze the amulet creates a barrier of force that shields you, giving oozes disadvantage on melee attacks against you, and preventing you from moving into an ooze’s space as well as preventing oozes from entering your space.

As an action, the amulet is capable of generating a “forceboard” beneath your feet. The forceboard is 30 ft. long and 10 ft. wide. It can comfortably hold six Medium creatures in a single-file line, and uncomfortably hold up to 12 in two lines. On a hazardous surface such as lava or acid, the forceboard moves up to 60 ft. per round and lasts for one minute. If you have a massive ooze to ride on, however, the forceboard is reinforced by the defensive shield and moves up to 150 ft. per round and lasts for one hour. In either case, once the forceboard expires you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.

Ref: T&H p228