Dragonscourge Glaive

Dragonscourge Glaive

Weapon (glaive), artifact (requires attunement)

Forged in an ancient age when dragons were common, rumors say the Dragonscourge Glaive is the reason why Ravilvost is the only one of her kind left in the world.

Attunement. The Dragonscourge Glaive requires attunement to be used. Without attunement, it functions as a nonmagical glaive. The glaive must be bathed in fresh blood drawn from a dragon’s heart to attune to a wielder. The players may do this after slaying a dragon that is at least an adult, or they may be able to convince a good dragon to give up its blood willingly. A dragon that is at least ancient age can provide enough blood without dying, though doing so weakens it to the point of near death and it must rest for one month to recover. Younger dragons that give blood die in the process.

Magic Weapon. The Dragonscourge Glaive is a magic weapon that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls. All attacks against dragons with this weapon are made with advantage, and such attacks ignore any of the dragon’s resistances or immunities to damage. Once per turn, when the glaive hits a dragon that has a Power stat, that dragon loses 50 points of Power.

Aura of Mortal Defiance. You and all other creatures within 30 ft. of you automatically succeed on saving throws against dragon breath weapon attacks.

Curse. Using the glaive is not without a cost. When you draw the glaive for use in combat, you must attempt a Constitution saving throw at the start of each of your turns. The DC starts at 10 and increases by 2 with each turn. If you fail this saving throw, you become stunned until the end of your turn, falling to your knees and coughing up blood. You can stop wielding the glaive to stop making this saving throw, but the DC only resets to 10 after you finish a short or long rest. Once the DC for this saving throw is at least 30, if you fail the saving throw you drop to 0 hit points.

Destroying the Glaive. Like all artifacts, the Dragonscourge Glaive is almost indestructible. The only thing that can destroy it is being consumed by Ravilvost. The glaive can survive in her stomach for three days, after which it finally succumbs and is destroyed. Recovering the glaive during that time is a difficult, but not impossible, task.

Ref: T&H p362