Draught Of The Divine

Editors Note: In the Epic Legacy Campaign codex new rarities beyond legendary were introduced: extraordinary and mythic. These items are far too powerful for an ordinary game of 5th Edition, possessing extremely potent properties (or many weaker properties). While they may seem like just more-powerful items, their significance is easy to understand in the context of Epic Legacy. An extraordinary or mythic magic item is considered an Epic object and a source of Epic magical effects. Extraordinary items are still balanced around their rarity and are appropriate equipment for characters of 21st level or higher. However, some items take things even further: mythic items. Mythic rarity is for pieces of magical equipment whose power exceeds that of extraordinary items by any amount. Whenever an item’s rarity increase is +6 or greater, it is a mythic item. Mythic items are not intended to be balanced but allow a DM to build items of such power to make an Epic character’s jaw drop.

Draught of the Divine

Potion, extraordinary

When you drink this potion, you are flooded with divine power until the end of your next turn. During this time your attacks and effects you produce are Deific effects.

Ref: ELCC p210