Utterance Of Damnation

Speakers of primordial evil and profane blasphemy, utterances of damnation (also called “hellspeakers”) are fiendish humanoids that know the vilest words ever conceived. One rarely becomes an utterance of damnation by talent or by study. The mysteries of truespeech can be attained through selling one’s soul, or a collection of the souls of others, to a power from the lower planes. Tieflings make the most common hellspeakers because they have family connections that can negotiate slightly better terms in exchange for knowledge. Utterances of damnation are a mix of the worst of devils and demons. They love to be technically honest and exploit a loophole or lie of omission, and they stab a would-be ally as soon as the opportunity arises. The bodies of these creatures have atrophied into purple, withered flesh. Their faces have long since lost their eyes, while their mouths and tongues are grotesquely distended to better articulate the complex language of truespeech. When uttering its syllables, their tongues blaze with a vicious hellfire.


Medium humanoid (any), chaotic evil

Armor Class 19 (natural armor)
Hit Points 180 (19d10 + 76)
Speed 20 ft.

20 (+5) 12 (+1) 18 (+4) 14 (+2) 15 (+2) 20 (+5)

Saving Throws Str +9, Con +8, Wis +6, Cha +9
Skills Deception +9, Insight +6, Perception +6, Persuasion +9
Damage Immunities fire
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 16
Languages Abyssal, Common, Infernal
Challenge 12 (8,400 XP)


Fiendish Slaves. When the utterance casts a spell, it can choose to treat any fiend allies that it can see as the point of origin for that spell. Additionally, attacks made by allied fiends that can see the utterance benefit from spells and magical effects that the utterance is also benefiting from (such as hex or foresight spells).

Roar of Power. The utterance is incapable of speaking at any volume lower than a shout and is immune to any effect that would prevent it from speaking.

Spellcasting. The utterance is an 18th-level spellcaster. Its spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 17, +9 to hit with spell attacks). The utterance has the following spells prepared.

  • At will: fireball, hex, hold monster
  • 1/day each: dominate monster, forcecage, foresight, geas, planar binding, mass suggestion
  • 1/year: wish (can only cast to grant the wishes of humanoids who are under the effects of a geas spell cast by the utterance).


Multiattack. The utterance uses Manifest Fiend and then uses either Crashing Yell or casts a spell.

Crashing Yell (Recharge 4–6). The utterance lets loose a thunderous shout. All creatures within 10 feet of the utterance must succeed on a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or take 33 (6d10) thunder damage and be pushed 20 feet away from the utterance and knocked prone. A successful saving throw halves the damage and prevents both being pushed and knocked prone.

Hellfire Bolt. Ranged Spell Attack: +9 to hit, range 60 ft., one target. Hit: 26 (6d6 + 5) fire damage. If the target has resistance to fire damage, it instead does not have resistance to fire damage from this attack.

In Times of Need (1/Short Rest). The utterance uses Manifest Fiend four times.

Manifest Fiend. The utterance magically manifests a being of truespeech that resembles an imp or quasit, which appears in an unoccupied space within 30 feet of the utterance. Fiends created in this manner act on the utterance’s turn and can take an action to make a Hellfire Bolt attack as though the utterance had made the attack (using the utterance’s bonus to hit). The utterance can have a maximum of four fiends created in this manner; they vanish 1 hour after their creation or until the utterance is slain, whichever comes first. The creature is considered a native denizen of the plane on which it was manifested.

Ref: TPKB1 p229